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Tax consultancy

DELTA AUDIT GmbH offers the full range of consulting and auditing services. On the one hand, the classic tasks include tax consulting services, from accounting and payroll accounting to the preparation of annual financial statements and tax declarations to tax structuring; on the other hand, the firm offers the classic annual financial statements and special audits. The well-rehearsed team looks after the clients very personally and at the highest professional level - and this not only regionally, but nationwide.


In the area of auditing, we bundle the diverse competencies of our employees. We not only support you in complying with legal requirements, but our findings also serve as useful starting points for the further development and protection of your company. Thanks to our many years of experience and the application of a risk-oriented audit approach, we are able to conduct audits efficiently. This ensures that the audit is carried out according to schedule and that an audit opinion can be issued promptly. The burden on your employees is minimized.

Annual audits:

  • Review of annual, interim and consolidated financial statements

  • Performance of statutory and voluntary audits of annual financial statements

  • Performance of statutory and voluntary audits of consolidated financial statements

Special audits:

  • Audit of the regularity of the management according to § 53 HGrG

  • Foundation audits

  • Impairment certificates

  • System and process audits

  • Audits in accordance with the Financial Investment Intermediaries Ordinance

  • Audits of proof of use of subsidies

  • Special audits in accordance with the German Stock Corporation Act (e.g. post-formation audit, contract audit)

  • Due diligence

  • Audits of securities institutions according to WpIG

  • Audits in accordance with the German Brokerage and Property Development Ordinance (MaBV)

In November 2018, the current quality control audit was conducted in accordance with Section 57a WPO. The quality control report dated November 7, 2018, carries an unqualified audit opinion.

Tax consultancy


With our know-how and a strong team, we can assure you of fast, timely and high-quality advice on all tax consulting topics. This includes, among other things, tax declaration, tax structuring and defense advice vis-à-vis the tax authorities. We advise both private individuals and companies of all legal forms.

What we do for companies:

  • current accounting

  • tax optimization

  • Preparation of annual financial statements

  • Preparation of income and profit statements of freelancers

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • Execution of tax planning to reduce the tax burden

  • tax-oriented reallocation of assets between business and private spheres

  • Tax burden comparisons and advice on the choice of the optimal legal form

  • preparation of tax expert opinions

  • legal enforcement during tax audits

  • conducting extra-judicial and judicial tax litigations

Our services for private individuals:

  • Preparation of private tax returns

  • Calculation of tax refund or back payment

  • Correspondence with the tax authorities

  • Examination of tax assessment notices

  • Advice on inheritance and gift tax

  • Filing of out-of-court appeals


In good business management, tax issues are an important topic, but they are not everything. We think outside the box and advise you on the choice of legal form, the preparation of a business plan and the organization of financing. We support you in applying for subsidies and in discussions with the bank.

We are at your side in every phase of the company's development: from the start-up to the sale or transfer in the context of generational succession. And, of course, we mobilize all our forces if your business does stall. Then we offer you help with the turn-around. Together with you we revise the business concept. We prepare expert opinions for the continuation of the company and organize specialists.

Our services for you:

  • Business start-up consulting

  • Preparation of reorganization concepts

  • Advice on reorganizations as well as on the acquisition and sale of companies

  • Company valuation

  • Preparation of business plans

  • Preparation of financial and liquidity plans

  • Preparation of actuarial reports on pension obligations

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