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You will find our office at Wilhelm-Theodor-Römheld-Straße 14 in Mainz Weisenau, conveniently located in the ecos office center.

Our premises are on the first floor on the right side of the elevator door.

Arrival by car

- from Wiesbaden/Bingen/Koblenz (A61):

BAB 60 via Kreuz Mainz towards -> Frankfurt, exit 23 Mainz-Weisenau/-Großberg

- from Ludwigshafen/Kaiserslautern/Alzey (A61/A63):

BAB 63 to Kreuz Mainz, from there BAB 60 towards -> Frankfurt, exit 23 Mainz-Weisenau/-Großberg

- from Frankfurt/Darmstadt/Wiesbaden (A3/A67):

BAB 60 from Mainspitz-Dreieck towards -> Bingen/Koblenz, exit 23 Mainz-Weisenau/-Großberg

parking spot

The entrance to the parking lots is in front of our office complex. Please drive to the barrier and ring the bell. The porter will let you onto the premises. Use the ecos visitor parking spaces here.

You do not need an exit ticket to exit. Drive to the barrier, it will open automatically.

Public transportation

The bus stops closest to the company are "Wilhelm-Theodor-Römheld-Straße" and "Weisenau/Alter Friedhof".

With the Mainz mobility planner you can plan your journey by public transport.

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